Have a swim in one of the natural pools that exists in and around Dos Bocas. Go to the river or visit a waterfall three kilometres away from the lodge. Hardly anyone visits these waterfalls! They are truly hidden gems. Make sure you bring sandals or water shoes, we are going to walk over rocks and walk through the water. The places we can access differs with the seasons.

You can also take the car and drive to the waterfall Nauyaca or Eco Chontales. In order to get the waterfall Nauyaca you have to hike 4 kilometers first, but you will be rewarded in the end. Want to go on a nice roadtrip? Go visit the waterfall Eco Chontales! You will have panoramic views along the way and the place is not touristy. Go afterwards to a farm where they are almost completely self-sufficient for a fresh lunch. We will give you the directions.