Other locations

Waterfall Nauyaca
One of the most beautiful waterfalls of Costa Rica. With a hike of four kilometres you will reach the entrance of the waterfall.

Waterfall Eco Chontales
With panoramic views you drive to the waterfall Eco Chontales. It feels like being in the middle of nowhere and you will feel small next to the waterfall. For the ones with an urge for a little bit more adrenaline: stand really close to the waterfall…
Make it a complete day trip with a visit to La Rana Roja for lunch. They are almost completely self-sufficient and with a small hike you can visit the small waterfall on their property.

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National Wildlife Refuge and Lodge Hacienda Barú
Hacienda Barú is focused on ecotourism. Walk (with a guide) through the park or choose one of the other activities.

Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary
At Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary they take care of wounded or abandoned animals. The animals are being taken care of until they are ready to be released again or they get a nice enclosure on their site when releasing is not possible. You can visit Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary with a tour or you can become a volunteer.

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