hot springs

Hot springs

Next to the lodge you will find hot springs. Eco Termales Quepos is managed by a Costa Rican family. Enjoying nature and hospitality are their priorities. No tiles like in a swimming pool, but the pools are located in a natural environment. You are surrounded by trees and you have a view at the river. From here it is also possible to go to the river for a swim, there are two trails. Be one with the nature, it is a pure and authentic place.
You can visit the hot springs during the evening as well. With candles a romantic atmosphere is created and with the river and the Red-Eyed Tree Frog you will have some nice background music.
The hot springs are easy to access for guests of Calathea Lodge because of the location and the collaboration with Eco Termales Quepos. So if you feel like relaxing a bit before dinner for exampe or have a quick swim before breakfast, that’s possible!

The family serves lunch and dinner in their restaurant. With pleasure they will prepare a nice dish for you, drink a fresh lemonade or a cold beer along side with it.

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