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About Calathea lodge

Calathea Lodge is located in the quiet and green Dos Bocas, a village surrounded by hills eight kilometres north of Hatillo. With a visit to our lodge you have the chance to escape the tourist circuit for a bit and to enjoy the Pura Vida that is alive here. The lodge is located at the river that runs through Dos Bocas and exist of our house, a rancho and two lodges. By being small scaled we have the opportunity to pay our full attention to our guests and the impact on the environment is little. Our location is extra special because of the presence of some rare trees, trees that are almost extinct. Right now they are small, but we hope that they attract more birds when they are bigger in the future. We love nature and that is our main priority in the way we work. We aim to use as many biodegradable products as possible, the eggs are from our own chicken and we buy cheese locally.

About Dos Bocas

Dos Bocas was founded 65 years ago. The first inhabitants settled here because they had discovered that the soil was fertile for cultivating rice and different kinds of vegetables. At first it was only possible to reach Dos Bocas by foot, a while later is was possible to get there by horse. For groceries the inhabitants had to go, by foot or by horse, to Platanillo. By horse it took six hours to get there. Later it was possible to reach the closer located village Hatillo because a new path was made. It was still a challenge though, mainly because a river had to be crossed multiple times.

It remained quiet in Dos Bocas until 25 years ago. There was a peak in the number of inhabitants, it raised to a good 300 people. This change was caused by the establishment of an international wood processing company which provided more employment opportunities. The company planted trees with the meaning of cutting them down years later and process the wood. However, it turned out the trees were not of good quality. The company left and the trees ended up not being cut down. With the departure of the company the employment opportunities disappeared and most people moved away.

At this moment there are about 25 families in Dos Bocas. The atmosphere amongst the inhabitants is very sympathetic: there is a lot of cooperation and there is always time for a chat. There is a small elementary school, a church and a soccer field. With the opening of the hot springs the first tourist were introduced in Dos Bocas. Both foreigners and Ticos enjoy taking place in one of the pools.
If time and the weather allows us we would love to take you for a walk through Dos Bocas on the day of arrival.

About us

We are Eliseo and Anouk. Previously we gained work experience by managing another eco lodge, this is also the place where we met and fell in love. We had the opportunity to start a lodge in Dos Bocas. Our goal is to let you enjoy nature at her best during your stay here. We speak Spanish, English and Dutch. Have a look at our Facebookpage or at our Instagram for more images.

Pura Vida

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