Camping in Costa Rica is popular. It gives the ultimate freedom, especially in these times. You can go wherever you want, enjoy the beautiful nature and you have everything you need to make your own meals. There are several companies where you can rent a car with a rooftop tent or you can bring your own tent and air mattress. Read these tips for camping in Costa Rica to be prepared for a fun and adventurous holiday.

Camping in Costa Rica

There are many places where you can pitch your tent on private property for a small fee. A popular company for a car with a rooftop tent is Nomad America, we only hear positive experiences about the company. Nomad America can help you with a route. Make sure you make a reservation on time, because there are several times during the year they are sold out.

The app iOverlander will be your friend during your holiday. This is an app where you can search for campsites including reviews. Make sure you add the right filters to see all the optional places on the map.

Tips camping Costa Rica

In collaboration with Nomad America we can offer a discount of 10% on the car rent.
Use the code CALATHEA in the booking process.

Recommended camp sites in Costa Rica

Hostel Alouatta

Go off the beaten path and visit the beaches near San Francisco de Coyote. Hostel Alouatta, owned by a young Dutch couple, is located between Playa Coyote and San Francisco de Coyote and is open from November to the first week of April. There are three safari tents, a communal kitchen, toilets and showers and there is room for camping. A nice fresh breakfast can be made for you as well as various juices and coffee. Also ask the owners for tips, they know the nice spots in the area! They also offer surfing lessons.

El Sol Verde

Curubandé is a small village on the road to the national park Rincón de la Vieja, from here it is a fifteen minute drive to the entrance. El Sol Verde is located in Curubandé and you can rent a room or camp here. Owner Gerard will be happy to explain the information about the park and tell you about other activities. There is a free pool in the village where you can swim: Posa La Pipa. Take a dip together with the inhabitants of Curubandé, it’s a twenty minute walk.

Thermal springs Eco Termales Quepos

If you choose to stay the night at Eco Termales Quepos you’ll most likely have the springs to yourself. Located at 200 meters of Calathea Lodge you are at the countryside of Costa Rica. Eco Termales Quepos is owned by a Costa Rican family and with pleasure they will prepare a meal for you. Read more about Eco Termales Quepos.

Camping tips Costa Rica
Eco Termales Quepos

Calathea Lodge

Located in the small community of Dos Bocas you can travel off the beaten path to Calathea Lodge. Stay in one of the two lodges of come to our camp site. The camp site has a private terrace and private bathroom. Fall asleep with the sound of the river and wake up to the sounds of the birds. Read more about the accommodation.

Tips camping Costa Rica

Wild camping in Costa Rica

Wild camping in Costa Rica: you immediately think of pitching your tent on the beach under the palm trees so you can wake up to the sound of the waves. Although it is allowed in Costa Rica, it is a bit difficult to recommend or to discourage wild camping. It sounds amazing. A lot of people do it and so far we haven’t heard any negative experiences. Still, it is difficult to recommend it because you are not familiar with the surroundings. Always check the reviews in the iOverlander app.

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Eliseo and Anouk are the owners of Calathea Lodge. Read more about the lodge. Anouk also founded ‘Bestemming Pura Vidathe Dutch travelblog about Costa Rica. Some of the blogs are translated and published on this website.

Tips camping in Costa Rica