April 2021: Due to the duration of the pandemic, we unfortunately have to close the lodge for now.

From December on Calathea Lodge will be open again. Read about our accommodation, about our new campsite (go camping with a discount!), about our village in the countryside and about activities in the area.

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Traveling to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is slowly opening and from November 1st all countries will have access to Costa Rica again. This is accompanied by a number of conditions. You must have an insurance that meets certain criteria and a ‘Health Pass’ must be completed. All conditions for travelling to Costa Rica can be found on the page of Visit Costa Rica. A negative test result is not necessary anymore.

A lot is possible again in Costa Rica. The beaches are open all day again and the national parks can be visited. It may be that tickets have to be ordered online in advance because of the limited number of visitors that can be admitted. For rental cars there are no driving restrictions. In most situations you are obligated to wear a mask.

In Costa Rica there are also many infections, but a situation like in Europe in March did not happen. So far, the health care system has not been overloaded. However, the first wave that started in July has not yet ended, the line in the graph only continues to rise. Take a look at the current situation regarding infections on this page.

Calathea Lodge

Our accommodations consist of two lodges, each with its own toilet and shower and a new campsite. Due to the coronavirus we will use only one lodge at a time in the coming period. In this way we will have enough time for cleaning and because of the open character of the lodges they can ventilate well. The terrace that is normally shared will now be for private use. The terrace is completely open and has a view of the river. On a day when guests check out we will not check in any new guests.

Have a look at more information about our accommodation.

Cancellation is free of charge.

Calathea Lodge

A new campsite

In the beginning of 2020 the new campsite was completed. It consists of a terrace, toilet and shower for private use. There is room for one tent or for one car with roof tent. A nice place you’ll have for yourself between the plants and trees. Look at the butterflies and hummingbirds passing by while you have the sound of the river in the background.

The picture shows a car of the company Nomad America.

In collaboration with Nomad America we can offer a discount of 10% on the car rent.
Use the code CALATHEA in the booking process on their website.

More information can be found on the accommodation page.

Calathea Lodge

Dos Bocas

Calathea Lodge is located in the small village of Dos Bocas: a place off the beaten track. About 60 people live here, almost all of them work as farmers. It is a small and quiet community. In the summer it is lovely to take a have a swim in the river. There are several places to access the river and normally no one is there during the week. In the weekends the people of Dos Bocas also like to go to the river. Either way, there is plenty of space.

Next to the lodge we started a local store. We sell basic groceries, fresh eggs from our chickens but we also have soft drinks and ice creams. With the local store we have brought the village life a bit closer. It is possible that there is a horse parked near the store. The owner is inside in his work clothes with the machete attached to his pants. You are on the countryside of Costa Rica!

Read more about our local shop.

Next to the lodge are thermal springs Eco Termales Quepos. As a guest of Calathea Lodge you are within walking distance of the springs. It is expected that Eco Termales Quepos will reopen soon, we will be communicating about the measures related to the coronavirus.

On our Youtube channel there is a video of the road to Dos Bocas and of the road through the village. You can get a good impression of the surroundings.

Activities in the area

Calathea Lodge is located in the area of Dominical. A popular day trip is to visit the waterfalls of Nauyaca. Make a nice road trip to the unknown waterfall Eco Chontales. A small but free accessible waterfall is Poza Azul. Beautiful beaches are there too of course. Our favorite is Playa Linda, this beach is mainly visited by locals. Dominical is a popular beach village where several restaurants can be found. Playa Dominicalito is the little sister and has a slightly rougher character than Playa Linda.

Read the blogpost ‘10 things to do in the area of Dominical for more information and suggestions.

From the owners

We are looking forward to welcome you in Dos Bocas. Because we are small-scaled and with the quiet, secluded location we can offer a safe stay. Of course there are still many uncertainties. If you are forced to cancel, this can be done free of charge. Are you interested in a stay and do you have a specific date in mind? Please contact us in time.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. You can contact us via e-mail: info@calathealodge.com or via Whatsapp: +506 7058 6525. Because there is no cell phone service we can only be reached via e-mail or Whatsapp.

Also follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay informed or to contact us.

Pura vida,

Eliseo & Anouk